Aug 16, 2007

A trip down memory lane...

Long standing friends are always fun to share a meal with - especially when it has been a while since you've had face to face contact.

Tonight I had a little BBQ to welcome back a couple who have moved to the UK. They are on holidays for a week or two to show off their new baby to family and friends back here in Sydney.

There were another two old friends that came along too. I had not seen any of these people in a few years - between everyone travelling and life happening we had all sort of lost contact. It is always a shame when this happens but just the way things works some times.

From the moment they started turning up tonight it was just like old times and I have to say it made my heart swell a little to hear laughter and movement in this house. It was something that has not really been here since about Feb when the XGF left. I have been using my house more like a hotel than a home and have not really hung around due to all the memories that still cower and live in the shadows.

The thing that struck me was that as a group of friends we have all had some great adventures and all succeeded in fun and interesting ways. Adventure sports still run hot in our blood and from one little dinner a snowboarding trip to the Himalaya is now in planning - Kashmir 2008 here we come!

In the re-telling of funny stories and remembering friends current and lost in time, a moment from my past surfaced and spun us off into some of the funniest of near forgotten tales.

Some of these really need to be out there to be enjoyed so I will start with one right now....

My first true love and shag, affectionately known as GF1 was a hot little red head. Unfortunately for me, she was also known to other faster moving young men than I and I had to bide my time during the final years of school for my chance to woo her. GF1 was well known to all at dinner tonight, one of the guys had even dated her before me.

In the final months of school, I did end up in a relationship with her and it lasted the best part of 18months - a record of sorts I suppose you could say. We were young, passionate and in love and lost our virginity together in the back of a car. This was despite months of planning the perfect weekend away - we had wanted it to be special but in the end hormones took over and we could wait no longer.

After the first few fumbling adventures things got proper sexy and even today I have fond memories of the great sex we had. Crazy kids we may have been but we were together long enough to experiment and find ourselves and each other as sexual creatures.

In the end we had to go our separate ways. She was wanting to be married and start breeding straight out of school. I had travel, adventure and other plans that did not include a ring and a baby at the age of 18. It was not a nice split and we soon drifted apart.

Soon afterwards she found her husband to be and they married and bred. I was not involved in her life and only heard bits and pieces from mutual friends. I was happy for her, it was her dream come true.

So fast forward about five or so years and I got an invite to the Christening of her third child. It was totally out of the blue and I figured it would be fun to see who was there from school times and to see where she was in life.

They had just moved into a new house out in the far western 'burbs of Sydney and looked like they were doing their bit to single handedly rectify the aging population problem in Australia.

She still had a twinkle in her eye and was self assured and comfortable in her roll as mum and housewife. I had skipped the church bit because that is not my scene and gone straight to the house for the BBQ and drinks. The backyard was full of her family and friends and a scattering of people from school that I could take or leave.

After some small talk and once people were settling in with food and booze she invited me on a tour of the new house that she was so proud of. As we wandered from room to room chatting and laughing about the past she would lean against me and rub past me to point out this feature or that. It was very flirty and it was not long until the conversation turned to a story from our past with me getting chased out of the house by her mum, pants in hand after a particularly hot session making the two backed beast.

In the backyard, that very same mum was entertaining the other guests and keeping the beers flowing. Hubby was entrenched behind the Barbie, making sure everyone knew he was the man of the house.

When we got to the baby's room I spotted a toy similar to one I had had as a child and wandered in to pick it up. As I bent down for the toy I heard the door latch behind me with a click followed by a little giggle. When I turned, she was leaning back against the door with both hands holding her skirt out at waist level to reveal her naked snatch. I was lost for words.

"I think I have been married a little too long." she purred, "Can you believe that other than my husband, you are the only other boy who has been here?"

"Ahh, haddn't thought about it." I stammered.

She reached down with one hand and turned her right leg out a little so she could slip a finger between her legs. Time was slowing down really quick, it was all happening in slow motion.

"Do you remember how much you used to like my taste?" she said, grinding against her hand.

She removed the hand and held up two glistening fingers in front of her as she closed the gap on me. I was frozen in place, my brain spinning at how wrong this was getting and how fast it was happening.

She was leaning against me now and holding her wet fingers just in front of my face, all I could smell was her musk. Memories were flashing through my head like a slide projector jammed in fast forward.

Places and positions, snapshots of breasts beaded in sweat, her face as she came, both of us watching in a mirror as I did her doggy style, her looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. I was hard as all hell and it was an uncomfortable hard too. My cock was pointing south and did not have enough room to get to north in my jeans.

"I have been wet thinking about how good we were together since you got here you know?"

"Um, you have a family, kids, a husband" I squeaked. It was lame and off topic but it was true.

"Yeah, but I have not been fucked properly in years, he can make babies but it is not inspiring, not like it was with us....lick my fingers, you know you want to"

I knew it was wrong but her smell was making my head spin. I leaned forward as took the tip of her first finger in my mouth and let out a little moan as the memories and images brightened, almost blinding me with their vivid intensity.

Sliding my tongue down the back of the two fingers, I sucked greedily on them trying to get all of her juices into my mouth. She was every bit as sweet now as she had been. It was intoxicating.

"I need you to fuck me. I need your cock in my pussy like before. I want it now, I'm so ready right now, can you taste how ready I am?" she panted.

I could feel her hand on my bulge, stroking me through the denim, finger nails dragging on the texture of the fabric and sending bolts of pleasure through me.

At the same time I there was a growing sense of panic in me. It was wrong, it was not fair to her family and the future health of their relationship. What if we got sprung?

As I was processing all this there was a voice in the hall. I felt like I was 18 again. Her mother was calling her name, where had she gone? Where was the tomato sauce?

Just as we pulled apart, the door swung open. I felt my cheeks burning, the bulge in my crotch must have stood out because she glanced down and lingered for a moment before locking eyes with me and calmly asking her daughter where the sauce was. She never blinked while directions through the pantry were given..."second shelf below all the cereal, should be on the right hand side with the oil..."

"Ok.." She said, "Don't you kids be long, people will miss you" and I kid you not she chuckled and closed the door.

I wanted to vanish up my own bum right there and then, I was in shock. The very same mum that chased me out onto a main road in my underwear had just given us tactic approval to get it on in the nursery.

I was in the bloody twilight zone for sure.

"I think I need to go"

"Yeah, that was a bit odd" she said with a puzzled look on her face.

"You reckon? I thought we were dead, then next thing I know your fucking mum was checking out my hard on...What is in the water out here?" I giggled.

After a moment to think of tax, shopping and washing up I was able to venture out into public without a boner to show the crowd in the garden. A quick steak sandwich and it was time to run away before things got funky again.

Strangely enough, I have not seen her again and until tonight I had buried that little moment deep in the back of my head.


Kitty said...

Josh you make me so horny!

Josh said...

Kitty, you big tease!

Kitty said...

i am big. i know.


unique_stephen said...

Not quite Muriel's wedding, but almost

Josh said...

Kitty, seen the picture and you aint big.

Unique Stephen, You're terrible, Muriel.

My other favorite quote from that movie:

Tania: He says they're not sleeping together. She only sucks him off.
Cheryl: Why?
Tania: Out of respect for me.
Nicole: Bitch.

Captain Smack said...

Thank you for reminding me how badly I need to get laid. I appreciate it.

Kitty said...

i'll shag ya, you ARE the captain afterall.

unique stephen - that was mean

Josh said...

Captain Smack, I'm not worthy!

Here is hoping that meteor you saw is not too far into the future so you can get your rocks off and a good dose of herpes to boot!

Do you think your mate Jesus can heal that for you?

Kitty, if your going to offer sexual favours via my blog then they should be to me first, no matter how sexy the Captain is.

Kitty said...

Josh I have offered you sex. remember.

You fucked me. twice.

phishez_rule said...

A man with morals - how bizarre. I thought those terms were mutually exclusive.

I can't believe her mum didn't go nuts at you. Obviously they're from the weest. *shame* I guess its not that big a deal if you knock her up, there's someone to raise the kids.

Josh said...

Kitty, hush your mouth babe, you'll wake the other bloggers!

Poor Phish, you are jaded. We're not all like fingers you know!

As for her Mum, it was so wrong.

Funny...but wrong.

Captain Smack said...

I don't know... these days Jesus is a little funny about "pulling those old gags" as he puts it. The last time he turned water into wine, he never heard the end of it. Every time he went to a party everyone was like "Hey, Jesus, can you turn this into a tequila sunrise" or "Hey Jesus, could you change this cheap wine into a better wine, maybe a 1943 Cabernet Sauvignon or something", etc.

And Kitty, I'm booking a flight to Oz right now.

Kitty said...

Aaaaah Captain, the thought of you on a plane reminds me of a time when I was just a wee little kitten....I once flashed my tits at a Captain. He was flying my Air New Zealand plane from Sydney to Los Angeles at the time and he was most appreciative. He issued a thumbs up - upon which I was taken down stairs by the steward from first class and fucked blind in the bathroom.

Mile hile club? Please. If you added all my in-flight fucks together I'd be visible from a space shuttle.

Josh said...

Captain Smack. Bummer. I had glass of lemonade I was hoping to upgrade to Bollinger.

Kitty, you two have got to get a room. I have one here with closed circuit tv if you want to use it...

Right now I have the image of the Auto pilot from flying high in my head....bad kitty!

Kitty said...

hahahahahahahaha! shut up! i was thinking about him before!!! i shit you not! ahahahahahahahahaha that is priceless. snap!

Jenny! said...

Ha ha...your a skank man-ho! And the backseats in cars can not be beat! I bet her mom wanted to take a ride next!