Aug 13, 2007

This time at dance camp...

First to some business! Boys, get your cocks out on the Penis Secret page! There is only two there and you've gotta give the girls something to look at after the nice job they are doing on Miss Smacks page! I've done my bit so get on with it!

Some things in life are very special. Dancing is one of them.

Now I could be talking about the horizontal mambo here but that is a slightly different sport. This post is actually about the close and intimate conversation two people can have over a piece of music using not much more than good eye contact and a solid frame.

If there is one thing I have to thank an ex GF for is for introducing me to dance.

I did not dance. I would not dance at a wedding, I would not tea bag at a club. I was sure I had no rhythm and that everyone would be watching an laughing at my Steady Eddie impersonations.

Now this is odd for me because I am actually self confident in just about any other situation. I am also highly competitive to the point that some may consider it a character flaw. Dancing however, dancing just scared me.

This GF was a great dancer (at both types of dancing too) and we made a bet. In short I lost and had to go to a dance class. In two lessons I was hooked. Now my judgement may have been clouded here because it was obvious the teacher wanted to shag her senseless (indeed he eventually did hence the EX status, BITCH) but while delaying the inevitable I fell in love with dancing.

This weekend had proved that I may need to be medicated. It was confirmed that I suffer from OCD - obsessive compulsive dancing. I signed up do a weekender of routines, workshops, musicality and performance/style tips.

Logic would have said that with a full weekend of dancing on the books, I should have rested up but oh no. I danced on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights before starting the weekend with a quick warm up class on Friday night and then free styling until 1am. I also had a climb on Wednesday night because that is when I see my non dancing friends...

A lot of people go dancing lessons to pick up. You can see them from a mile away. There are also a lot of people that just go to dance. I am the latter. This weekend was always going to be a challenge because it had all the ingredients for a wild time. Hot and sweaty dancing with some close moves to get sexy, dorm style accommodation just like a school camp except with alcohol to lubricate things and to confuse which bed was actually supposed to be yours.

Now this dancing is modern Jive, in some ways made famous by the film dirty dancing. It is not as rigid as say ballroom or as strict in the footwork as Salsa and as such can be danced to just about any modern music as well as the classics. Get a 3/4 waltz and your pretty fucked but other than that, it is all good. Think black eyed peas "Pump it" through to some smoky smooth Michael Buble and that is the sort of music you can work to easily.

The biggest thing is eye contact. A lot of people find it confronting at first and indeed, the contact is deep. There is a fine line between fun and creepy when six inches from a strangers face and staring into their soal. Being a partner dance, the guy has to do a lot of work. Remembering moves and leads ahead of time to keep it on beat and find those hits in the music so you can let the girl play or nail a dip or lean. The best guys make it look effortless and the best girls can move in ways that would make their mothers blush.

The amazing thing is that if you get a good connection with your partner and you as the guy have a strong lead, you can get most girls, even beginners through some really nice moves and have a lot of fun. To quote Patrick Swayze, "Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame." It makes all the difference.

All in all I think I did about 6 hours on Friday, 14 hours on Saturday! and another 7 hours on Sunday. My ex was there and snogged the fattest man on earth which made me not sure if I should laugh or cry. He is a great dancer but Ewwwww!

I stayed suitably alouf and non committal while flirting like a champion with some very hot women.

I got home, had a shower and slept form 5pm until 1am and here I am blogging for a few hours and hoping I can get back to sleep before I get up to go to work.

You know the really dumb thing? It is 2.50 am and I will be back on a dance floor tonight at about 8pm until 11pm. Fecking nuts!

You should feel my arse right now - buns of steel!


Kitty said...

Photogrpah of steely buns. STAT.

I hope you nailed one of these hot women righ under your ex GF's bunk.

When I'm in your part of this fine country next, you're taking me dancing. Then after. Sexy time.

Josh said...

Not sure how to best get an arse shot by myself..

Could not fit under the XGF's bunk with the lardy man on it with her. Had to go the top bunk!

As for a dance and sexy time, let me check my dance card....yep, I've got room for you!

unique_stephen said...

But did you score?

Josh said...

Unique_Stephen, purely a catch and release sort of fishing trip...

In the spirit of anonymity, all funny and raunchy stories shall appear at a future date with names and places changed accordingly.

unique_stephen said...

how is a a married man (me) supposed to live his sex life vicariously through the experiences of others on the web when the stories are withheld. Whilst I'm waitign I'm going back to perve at contestant 6

phishez_rule said...

I do latin dancing. I love it to bits. I nearly wet myself when I saw your newest post. I love the Cha. Salsa is fun, but I learn in a class setting, so not a whole lot of salsa. Salsa moves are taught more in rueda workshops. I've been doing it for about 20 months now. And I'm quite good for the length of time I've been doing it. Though I'm not as hardcore into it as you are. I guess its easier for guys. I can't dance as long as that - I get sore feet.

Josh said...

Unique_Stephen, patience grasshopper! Keep enjoying the ladies for awhile..

Phishez, Trust me I am sore as hell right now.

Not sure if it is easier for guys or not but the right shoes make all the difference - Bloch Jazz trainers rock!

We have to have a boogie some time!

Kitty said...

*jealous of you and phish*

*going to perv at contestant 6 with unique stephen*

Kitty said...

BTW how is a married WOMEN (me) supposed to live his sex life vicariously through the experiences of others on the web when the stories are withheld?


Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever get to feel your buns of steel but I sure do lurve a man that can dance. It leads me to think he'll be good at the other types of dancing as well.

Cute boys on a dance floor in tshirts also make me all hot and sweaty, but I like most sorts of dancing by most sorts of men. I even liked Richard Gere in that gay 'Shall we dance?' movie...and how old is he?

Josh said...

Kitty, don't be jelous babe, it's just a blog thing, honest!

Don't spend too much time drooling over the girls - you'll get your self in a state.

BBH, Who am I to say if the dancing improves the other dancing...maybe we need a panel of judges and a proper study.

"Sahll we dance" was gay beyond belief. Errr, so I have heard..

Kitty said...

didn't that movie suck? sorry but i couldn't handle it.

i can't tolerate j.lo