Aug 2, 2007

Off and running

I have been stalking various blogs for some time now but have never got around to actually kicking my own one off until tonight.

I had always figured that there were already enough self absorbed and witty individuals out there in the interweb to not really need the misspelt obscenities of one more. Then I thought fuck it. I am going to vent in this space when ever I feel like it.

If it gets read by no one then I will not be surprised, if people fall over it and get some perverse pleasure from reading my ranting then so be it.

Now I am here, I am faced with producing some clever missive on life, love or sex and am left feeling finger tied and impotent at the keyboard. Talk about performance anxiety....

Until I think of something smart to write I suggest visiting the Captain. Always good for a laugh.

Alternately, if you want to hear what goes on in the head of that blond that dissed you at the club the other night, say hello to Steph.

There are others worth visiting but I will get to them another time.


Steph said...

Welcome to Blogsville! I would have made you a cake but I'm not good with shit like that and would probably poison you.
Thanks for the link :)

Josh said...

Woo hoo, a comment so soon. Thanks for the offer of a cake Steph but better safe than dead. No offence :P

Miss Smack said...

hi Josh! Thanks for coming to my blog and like dear Steph has said 'welcome!'

You write really well and I look forward to reading more!


Josh said...

Thanks Miss Smack, having enjoyed your writing for a while now that means a lot.

Having lost my blog comment cherry to Steph and you, I am feeling very lucky indeed.