Aug 4, 2007

Great film

I am a film buff. I love well made films, stories and concepts well written and transferred to celluloid or the digital equivalent.

I have just finished watching The Number 23 with Jim Carey. Now Jim has done some shit films but he has also done a couple of great ones. Fortunately he seems to be in the position now of choosing his roles carefully and it is paying off.

This is a dark little film that takes you on a twisted little journey. I was grabbed from the opening credits buy the little tricks played to show the links to the number 23.

Don't get me wrong, I am not into numerology, astrology or any of that crap. I am an avowed atheist who's only belief is that god and religion are a poor excuse for starting wars. The point is though that from the opening credits some very clever and compelling little co-incidences are thrown up on the screen that had me wanting more, I wanted instantly to know where this was going and WTF was it about 23 that this story was going to tell me.

If there is one criticism it is that the story told too much towards the end. My favourite films trust that the viewer is smart and can fill in the blanks. It is a rare skill for screen writers and directors to trust their audience with that job and unfortunately Joel Shumacher/Fernley Phillips failed a little in this area. Despite that the journey was fun and interesting.

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