Jun 24, 2011

A voice from the past

Amazing the way that life moves you on some times.

Truth be told not much has changed except the time and motivation to write have vanished. The outlet that once was this blog has not been needed and as such it has languished untended and unloved.

It is sad to say that technical writing and industrial design work have sapped my creativity outside of work hours while keeping my brain at full speed the rest of the time.

I still visit some bogs now and then but comment rarely, feeling like an outsider now I don't post myself.

Who knows if I will return? Maybe one day but right now there is lots to hold my attention; a great relationship with that same young lady and more dancing fun - comps and teaching gigs -than I could ever imagine.

All I need now is summer to roll around so I can hit the water again and life will be complete.