Sep 29, 2007

Photo finish.

"Give it to me.....quick, I want to see it go in..." she panted.

She handed me the camera, the video lead snaked across my leg as I thrust it between us, aiming it at her snatch.

Around us the images glowed on the tv screens, every where we looked we could see us, it was like mirrors on steroids. Surrounded by porn stars that were us. Unlike mirrors though we were not looking back at ourselves, it was odd because we knew it was us, it was in real time but it was like an out of body experience. I had always known I wanted to watch us fuck but this was wilder than any of my dreams.

The concept had come from a party a mate of mine had many years previous. We had collected every spare TV we could get out hands on and hooked them up to VCRs playing a loops of interesting video clips, some Disney Fantasia, Tron - anything that was interesting as visual background noise for the party.

I got lucky at that party and I can remember kissing and fondling with a girl in a room lit by nothing but flickering televisions full of colour and action to the pumping sounds of some cheezy 80's rock. At some point that night the idea solidified in my mind. If all those TV's were showing us, how fucking hot would that be!

It took some years to make it happen and I had to call in a favour or two and find the right girl for the gig.

She was definitely nervous and over a glass of wine we talked about the set up. The cameras had no tapes and the video feed went straight to a television or monitor. This was about live action. I didn't want it recorded any more than she did.

We had a total of 5 screens with a camera each. One camera was on a long lead so we could have fun and move it about - the others were all fixed. The bed had been moved to middle of the room and the monitors ringed us so that no matter where you looked you got a differnet angle.

The fantasy actually called for the electronics department of a Harvey Norman or Bing Lee store on steroids, 50+ TVs would be fucking amazing but you work with what you can get...

Kneeling naked on the bed together, we kissed. The first difference was our eyes. Normally when we kissed our eyes were closed, this time they were wide open. We caught each other sneaking a peek at a screen and giggled.

"This is so are a freak! I love it!" she said.

I pulled her in tight and looking over her shoulder admired the image of my hands running down the small of her back to her backside. In the blue light of the screens I could see the muscles in her shoulders tense with an intake of breath as I spread my hands over that peachy ass and pulled her in tight.

I gently turned her around so we were facing the same way, she was still kneeling, her legs slightly spread and a slight glow to her skin from the warmth of the evening. I peeled her hair back as she rolled her head to the right, exposing the nape of her neck for a kiss that I knew was her weakness.

The reaction was like a spark jumping from my lips to the exposed skin. From the corner of my eye I could see her reach up to her breasts and take one in each hand - kneading and tweaking the nipples. It always drove me wild that she enjoyed her own body.

There was no room for me to play there so I let my hands reach around the front and drop into her lap. Running my fingers from her hips, down the top of her thighs to her knees I watched on the screen to my left as her back arched and her eyes snapped open.

The screen in front of us was actually showing us from behind and slightly to the right. We could see two faceless strangers in a tight embrace, their two heads resting against each other, hers leaning back onto his shoulder, hair spilling over his shoulder, his arms reaching around the front and obviously up to mischief.

I ran my fingers back up her thighs, nails dragging firmly along the smooth skin, following the curve or her muscles until they curved back in towards her honey pot. I kissed her neck again, lingering and sucking lightly on the skin as my right hand cupped her mound and my fingers gently parted her moist lips, sliding effortlessly from back to front between her folds.

Leaning back into me she pushed her knees further apart and I dipped what I could of my finger into her. Her head was panning around the room, I could see her looking from screen to screen as her breath quickened.

"This is fucking insane, I didn't actually think this would be a turn on but fuuuuuuuuck.....every where I look is skin"

With my spare hand I passed her the roving camera "Here you go, use this to see anything you want to see on the TV over there" I said.

"I want to watch you put it in me...right now.."

"I want to eat you first.."

"Fuck that, I want your cock right now, I won't last another minute like this."

How could I argue with that? She leant forward then rolled onto her back bring her knees up. With the camera in her left hand she aimed it a her pussy while the right hand dived right in parting, exploring and rubbing while she looked at the screen in fascination.

I had to lean in and taste her. I was just two damn hot and loved eating her. "Get out! I can't see with your head there" she moaned.

".....quick, I want to see it go in..." she panted.

"You'll have to hold the camera, I want to see you enter me."

Kneeling between her I held the camera in one hand and guided my throbbing member with the other. On the screen I could see the head head of my cock resting against her lips, as I pulled it back it glissend with her wetness. As I leaned into her again we watched as she slowly took me in. I teased her, gently rocking the head in and out of her.

The screen was filled with pussy, fingernails and cock. Her fingers holding herself open for me, the folds gripping at my cock as I pulled back, then rolling in again as I pushed forward.

Looking around the room there were heaving breasts and the side of her head looking away from one camera, my back and ass framed by her legs, toes pointed on another. My head was spinning, her back was arching. She held a nipple in each hand, stretching her tits towards the ceiling in a way that always made me wonder how much of it was pleasure or pain.

I slid all the way into her for the first time and she shuddered, it send fireworks through my groin as she gripped me. She released her tits and grabbed for my hips, dragging me deeper in to her. I had lost track of the roving camera and got reprimanded for filming the sheets not the action. I regained focus and we watched the action again. I moved the camera back so she could see it from my perspective.

I wanted her to see how beautiful she was in this moment, the way she glowed was we made love, the curve of her rib cage and her hair spread over the pillows. The beads of sweat running between her breasts and down to her belly button.

"Fuck we look hot...." It was last sensible words to come out her mouth as she tried to tear chunks out of the sheets on either side of her. As she bucked underneath me I lost it too. Spilling my load deep inside.

In all the action, the roving camera had come to rest on the bed beside us. Glancing over at the screen, the room was on it's side, it took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at. It was aimed at my favourite part of her body but just from an angle that made it all the more special. Full screen I could see the that oh so sexy little valley of skin between the tummy and the hip. It was like a flowing field of golden wheat with a hint of forest in the distance. A smear of shared sweat caught the light, flickering with each short breath.

As I looked away from the screen and into her eyes, I was ready again.

It was going to be a very long night indeed.


Madam Z said...

Josh, that was possibly the best non-professional erotic writing I have ever read. Your playmate was one lucky girl!

Kitty said...

josh! stop writing about our sexual encounters - it getting embarrassing.

Josh said...

Madam Z
It was fun but I am still looking for more televisions to do it properly!

If you think that was hot, take a trip over to Phishes site. That is a hot story!

What can I say, some things just need to be shared.

Steph said...

Hot story! You've a real flair for erotica.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn. You're kinky. I like it. ;)

Miss Smack said...

Wow that was amazing. I agree with your other readers; you're really good at this genre!!

Mind you, it made me horny and now i'm frustrated but I'll take care of it. Yum!

Josh said...

If your happy, then I'm happy - glad you enjoyed it.

I suppose it is a little kinky but hey, some times you just got to live the dream.

Miss Smack
The one problem with all this positive feed back is that I am just going to have to keep up the writing.

I am always happy to induce horniness and frustration...thinking about you taking care of it is however having a similar effect on me :)

Miss Smack said...

I found that it was not easy to make this shit up, but it was easy to simply recount the actual events.

Even if you kneed on her arm, or she fanny farted, they're the best stories because people can relate to it!!! hahah

I sent your link to a few of my friends and they also love the t-shirts. A couple wanted to order one or two which did wonders for my ego.

I'll be watching........ :)


Excellent attention to detail and setting the mood, Josh. I loved the fact that you didn't cheapen it, which is easy to do with erotica.
I would have liked it taped though.