Sep 9, 2007

Not a dry eye in the house...

Some things get to me. I have to admit that a well told story or film can make me go a big rubbery one. I don't like to see people suffer and even when on the outside looking in I still get caught up in the moment.

Amazingly this weekend I have just finished a book that I would put at the top of the heap and seen a film that got me too.

The time travellers wife by Audrey Niffenegger is at it's heart a love story. It is not the sort of book I would normally pick up but I was grabbed from the first page. I brief, Henry has a genetic disorder that has him involuntarily dragged backwards and forwards in time.

Clare is his wife and she met Henry when she was 6 and Henry was 36, Henry first met Clare when he was 28 and she was 20. They were married when Clare was 22 and Henry was 30. Confused yet? You would think so but the way this story is told makes it not only seem plausible but for me at least, I was lost in their relationship and the challenges they faced. I expect I will re-read this book in a few months time. I enjoyed it that much.

As for the film, Adam Sandler in Reign over me was a surprise for it's depth and touch. It is not a light story and deals with a case of post traumatic stress disorder. It is a straight role for Adam and he played it in a convincing way. I went into this one a bit wary because it touched on the 911 incident but thankfully it only brushed past this fact and maintained focus on the victim rather than the crime.

So there you go. Two stories that have enriched my life for their telling and have on one hand convinced we that true love is worth looking and fighting for and on the other, that once you find it, loosing it could fuck you up big time.

The rugby world cup is on! It is that time again when the good League and AFL loving citizens of Australia dust off their Wallabies scarves and beanies to follow the Rugby World Cup.

In the past I was never a big fan of rugby in any of it's forms but have to say that when the Rugby world cup came to Australia back in 2003 I got the bug.

I was luck enough to get roped into a bit of fun for the opening ceremony and when you are that close to the game you can't help but get caught up in the fun. I've forgotten how many people were in the stadium that night but being out in the middle of the ground for that ceremony was mind blowing.

We had quite a few nights down at Olympic park drinking up the atmosphere in the outdoor bars and big screen where you had the roar of the crowd and the best seat in the house.

Great days indeed. Go the Wallabies, bring the Webb Ellis Cup home for the third time eh?


phishez_rule said...

I really wanted to see that movie. I don't know if its been and gone from the cinema, but I remember seeing the previews and saying that it looked awesome.

The world cup is back? I remember the last one. Not a big fan of it, but I got caught up in it too.

Jenny! said...

The Time Traveller's Wife is one of my absolute favorite books! Sucha wonderful story...and so sad! I loved this book!

unique_stephen said...

- I'll have to see it, courtesy bit torrent of course -
Ahh, the int3rnet - all of the piracy, none of the scurvy.

go the wallabies

Steph said...

LOVE that movie. Adam Sandler just makes my heart sing. So adorable.

Miss Smack said...

I've been crying over nothing for about 2 weeks. Tonight I gulped and choked when someone won Sale of the Century. I'm not depressed, but I think I am due for my period because I've also been rubbing them out furiously for about the same time.

Thanks for the book tip and the movie idea. I'm due on both.

Josh said...

Phish, yeah it is not light viewing but if you are in the right mood it is worth tracking down.

Jenny!, I am still mulling parts of the story over in my mind and smiling at the details.

Unique Stephen, if you keep bragging about your pirating ways they will keel haul your ass one day. Naughty boy!

Steph, was it just me or did he remind you of Bob Geldof?? So far from Happy Gilmore it was amazing.

Miss Smack, sorry to hear about all the tears. Be warned, both of these stories will massage your heart and I think anyone who has loved and lost will find a parallel that touches you.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I wanted to see that movie...but I didn't want to see it. I love Adam Sandler...but I heard it was a sad flick.

I get made fun of if caught crying during a movie so I just try to avoid those that bring on the water works.


That's how I felt when I read les Miserables. POor old guy. Have you read that?

Jin said...

I'll get around to the book & film at a later date, but for now, polish up your cup hon & get ready to hand it over to us!

morgan said...

a friend gave me The Time Travellers Wife in Jan. I read it & since then i've been lending it out to all my reader buddies. in fact i dropped it in a mate's letterbox a couple of nights ago.

i get through a lot of books and it is the best book i've read in a long time.

a brilliant idea and beautifully executed. i bawled so hard leading up to the end.

a consumate love story.