Sep 13, 2007

9 minutes of gold..

Now this is not about nine minutes in the sack with me...No, this about the boys from the Chasers War on Everything.

If you missed the show or the numerous stories about their antics at the recent APEC (or was that OPEC?) meeting then some kind netizine has put it on Youtube for our viewing pleasure.

Thanks boys, I have never laughed so hard when I really should have been crying over the wasted money.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm such a slut puppy...all I heard were those hot accents...I really wasn't listening to anything they said...I heard them, but I wasn't listening. Make sense? Probably not....but then I only got about two hours sleep last night so I probably WON'T be making much sense today anyway.

Really though, I heard all the hooplah was a great big pain in the ass over there.....

Kitty said...

24 carat baby

Steph said...

Yes it's all fun and games till a sniper shoots you!
Those guys crack me up but how are they going to top that? Kidnapping the Prime Minister? I like that idea I'm gonna email it to them.

Josh said...

Stacy, if our accents rock your boat then you better come and visit real quick. Maaaaate.

Kitty, indeed. Too clever for their own good.

Steph, I wouldn't be surprised if the snipers had water pistols.

As for topping it, they will either have six years in prison to think of something or I reckon busting them out of prison with false ID's and another motorcade will do it.

Jin said...

Wickedly funny! I sort of glimpsed an article in the local paper about the breach of security & didn't give it a s 2nd thought, but now having watched this video, reckon it was a cracker! The 'rival' fireworks message said it all!