Jul 13, 2008

Some crazy shit.

I have been away and as much as I wanted to write before I left, I just plain ran out of time.

But I am back...for a day or two. Then away again.

Next week will see some challenges, a journey and adventure that dwarfs most of my others to date. The risks on this one are real and while not nervous I am aware that this is dangerous stuff.

Those that know me for real will know where to look for the details and here is hoping I don't leave a crater in the dust. There is too much other cool stuff to be done yet.

A wise friend once pointed out that dying while doing what you love just means you stuffed up - no one will enjoy knowing that fact in the moments before their last breath.

I have to agree.

Talk to you all in about a week.


phishez_rule said...

So... keep an eye out for you on facebook then?


Take lots of pics.

Kali said...

Damn you - add me on facebook! How else shall I be able to keep up?

Also please don't die I'll miss your blog. :D

Josh said...

Am I on facebook? You know me and pictures...

Now I have a reason to join facebook...how do I find you :P

Anonymous said...

Are you going commando Josh? :)Whatever it is you are doing, be careful.

unique_stephen said...

What are you doing?
asking kitty out on a date?

fingers said...

'Next week will see some challenges, a journey and adventure that dwarfs most of my others to date.'

You sound like Indiana Jones' astrologer...

Josh said...

Even I am not brave enough to go commando - someone might loose an eye.

Wrong again but if I survive this trip then a date with Kitty will by my next great challenge.

Now how did you know I was going to Woomera to see if a lead lined fridge would protect me from an atomic blast?

Miss N said...

oooh adventure.. Can I come?? ok - maybe not - I'll just continue to live vicariously..

Em said...

Hey... be safe. :-)

unique_stephen said...

I'm with em -= weare a condom

Dagny said...

Have a good one and be safe.