Jul 9, 2010


I am not one to whine but seriously this is pissing me off.

I want to move on with my life and find that person. I want to share adventures, dancing, good food and laughs. There is plenty more of all to do yet.

I don't want to be worshipped and coupled 24/7 but I want a spark and passion and focus when we are together.

I want my toes to curl, I want to make your toes curl.

I need smart and creative, witty and dark. A touch of style and a bucket of self confidence.

What I have got is one sided and as good as over. Again.

Fuck it.

Roll on Friday. Is it time to go for a drink yet?


unique_stephen said...


Josh said...

@ Stephen - I don't need a hug, I need a good rogering!

unique_stephen said...

Grab your ankles

wee-h said...

Which side?

Extra Ordinary Me said...

awww... you deserve all that.

Josh said...

@Stephen: LOL, not around you my friend.

@Wee-h: ??which side of the rogering?? Now that depends on a few things!

@Extra: The universe does not agree with I am afraid.

phishez said...

Normally I'd say something like 'find all of that in yourself, and you'll attract the same.'

But I know you have all of that in yourself.

So chill out. It will happen, when you least expect it. In the meantime, what's wrong with a little harmless playing?

Lady Pants said...

I've come to realies being alone is actually pretty awesome. Yeh, it would be cool if someone could share my joie de vivre with me - and lets face it who bloody well doesn't need a rogering - but settling for some chump or chumpette and/or moping around wasting your life waiting for salvation via hearts and crotches? I believe it was the great Hemingway who once said : "Fuck that!"

Someone awesome will show up. Or maybe they won't. But hopefully you will dig yourself enough to totally not give a toss either way.

Oprah/Dr Phil: call me.

Josh said...

@Phish: I am an impatient bugger. What can I say.

@Lady Pants: Yeah, I am actually very chilled in my own skin and have some great play people in my life to keep me smiling.

The frustration with this one person was just getting to me.