Jun 25, 2010

Standing up for myself

So I was stood up

But I got up and made other plans

Bigger plans with younger fans

When my fun was done, I saw the text

Where are you now, what is going on?

I got stood up and I need some fun


Get with the program, the wheel turns fast

I've already moved on


unique_stephen said...

You snooze you loose

wee-h said...

We've missed you.

Actually i'm sure there will be others apart from me who have missed you...

Lady Pants said...

amen brother.

ahhhh, ain't it sweet?

Ps: HILARIOUS, my word verification for this is 'psoff'

Josh said...

@US: Indeed and a motto I live by.

@Wee-h: It has been too long between drinks but I am finding my thirst again.

@Lady Pants: Welcome. Sweet was not my first thought - I'm actually really pissed off with her but plan B is kind of hot so it takes the sting out of it.

Alexiev said...


Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


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