Jul 30, 2010

Let the fur fly

I have rediscovered the bush. My play thing is in full winter coat.

Over the last number of years, no fur has been the norm in my boudoir. Not by demand mind you, it was just that was what had presented itself.

It seemed that the order of the day was bald badger or if not bald then trimmed to the point that Ashley and Martin were salivating at the need for medical intervention.

I had laughed out loud when David Duchovny (as Hank Moody) had proclaimed something along the lines that he liked his ladies to have a little hair so he knew they were not pre-pubescent. It took me back to the days when the young ladies I played with had not yet been conditioned to wax or shave beyond the bikini line.

I had a flash back to that rich 70's and 80's Playboy and porn with a full bush of thick pubes that has gone out of fashion.

So you can imagine my surprise in the dim light when on peeling back the knickers for that first taste of the holiest of holes, I was presented with what looked like another pair of knickers!

Now I admit it is like unwrapping a Christmas present and in theory you should not know what you are getting, but sometimes you just presume it will be the same as last year, just a different colour.

Like a true pro, I went about my business without missing a beat however as I explored, licked and sucked I got more and more turned on in a new and interesting way.

I love the smell of fresh sex and I realised that a good full bush expands on it. It adds to it. It is like the perfect brandy glass to accentuate the aroma.

I was dipping my nose in it as you would a red wine glass and it opened up a whole new world that had been forgotten.

It was at that moment I realised that bald had been a novelty. I had tried it and enjoyed it but it lacked a little something.

I am not the kind of guy to dictate grooming standards and as we talked about it later, I found out that bald was the norm for this lady. As we had kicked off with little notice, there had been no pre coital grooming carried out.

At her age and build - lithe with the smallest but most sensitive of breasts, I, like Hank, find the bush a blessing and just quietly, I think she is enjoying that she is off the hook for the foreseeable future too.


unique_stephen said...

I like smooth

Split Shifts said...

I have to be bald. There is nothing worse than having a good rodgering with a random cock, and then having to scrubs lube and bodily fluids out of your bush before your next client. I also like to be really clean when I leave. Like, scrubbed red raw at the end of the night.

Not to mention if you get a pube caught in the condom. OWIES.

Lady Pants said...

I'm all about pubes. I've acquiesced and substantially trimmed of late, but I prefer the look of fur. I like to play with it, in a twril it around my fingers kind of way. I always sleep with my hands down my pj pants/between my legs - a very bad habit I haven't grown out of! I kind of like it as a challenge to potential partners, too. I think it says something about the man - don't ask me what. And yes, it does hold the pussy smell, which all things being as they should, is a very good thing.

I'm turned off by anything other than the most minimal of male pube grooming. I find it un-masculine.

Madam Z said...

I think that a man who prefers it "smooth" is probably turned on by little girls, instead of full grown women. Mature, adult humans, of both genders, have pubic hair. It shows that you're grown-up! I'd never shave myself "down there," and I don't want to be with a shaved man. A full, curly bush is mad sexy!

Josh said...

@ Unique_Stephen: why am I not surprised :)

@ Split Shifts: Owies indeed, have to admit I had not really thought about it from a tradies perspective.

@ Lady Pants: Yay for another fan. I have to admit to grooming myself a little as there is just something wrong with pube number one swinging out by your knee when you uncurl it!

@ Madam Z: I think that may be a massive generalisation and unfair on blokes and girls who like to groom to the max.

I have had it pointed out to me by my current flame (who just recently took the fur all off again for a burlesque routine she was performing) that she finds everything more sensitive when bald.

Different strokes for different folks I suppose, I'm not complaining either way.

knifepainter said...

hey Josh, nice work.
Good to read you again.......will be making a return to the blog soon myself.