Jan 9, 2009

Complications of the highest order.

2009 is underway and I have already made a mess of things.

Way back before I started blogging I knew this girl, she is just my type of person except she had a douche bag boyfriend, from now known as DB. We always got along like a house on fire and through various sport related gigs spent a fair bit of time together both in Australia and overseas. This was not a dancing thing.

There were moments when I thought it was about to happen but we both always seemed to acknowledge the complications of the situation and would back away before it got messy. In March last year Long time love (LTL) and I had a discussion about the silliness of the game we were playing we finally just got it on and accepted that we really should be together.

Two issues immediately hit us. LTL was not living in Sydney, she still had the DB and worse still, she had no permanent residency just yet. That was in the final stages of processing.

Everything sort of went on ice except for the weekends we met up in which case, it all got a bit hot and bothered.

In that time and because LTL was still not sure when she would be able to leave DB I have to admit I played around and kept looking, and generally playing the field. This varied in intensity depending on how likely I thought it was she would actually ever leave DB.

LTL knew it was a risk that I might get swept off my feet and she would loose me but that was the risk that we were taking in having this play out over 9 or more months on top of the previous 3 years of sexual tension.

Just when I thought it was never going to happen things got hot and heavy with waterbed girl. That was cruising along ok except it was obvious that other than great sex, it was not going to be a life long deal. As if to confirm that was the case, two things happened.

LTL got her permanent residency and she then immediately left DB. Giddy up indeed.

It was time to break it to waterbed girl that while what we had was fun, we really were on different paths oh, and by the way LTL is now back on the scene so we really need to cool it.

That did not go down well. I was not surprised but hey, when it comes to love, you got to look out for number one.

What did surprise me was the reason she was not happy. It was not that I was breaking it off for another girl, it was because she wanted the sexin to continue.

It was her opinion that while LTL may be the real deal, she was not on the scene right here and right now so we should be able to keep fucking like monkeys and enjoying the moment for as long as we could.

Hmmmm. I needed some time to consider this.

To be continued....


Kitty said...

can i get 'just sex' girl's number please?

phishez said...

You need to consider that?

Miss N said...

yowsa! 2009 is shaping up to be oh so complicated for a lot of us! Don't keep the sexin going - send her to kitty's house.. or I have an Italian that is 'looking'..

Josh said...

Kitty Wait for part two my dear...may need to fly you up here for a weekend.

Phish Sad to say but I am always thinking three moves ahead.

Miss N What am I going to do with your Italian???

wee-h said...

You always leave us wanting more. What did the monkey make you do now? huh? huh?

(can you tell i have no patience!)

Fanny F said...

I am still waiting for several part twos that never eventuate ...

unique_stephen said...



wrt the sexing girl... can you pass on a message for me -> I'm happy to experiment with polygamy if she is...

Let me know where to fax a photocopy of my arse if the photo of me at 13 from my blog doesn't adequately sell my charms and she requires some extra paperwork.

Captain Smack said...

Considering that you take orders from a monkey, I would've thought that you'd already know that when swinging from one tree to another, it is best not to let go of one vine until the next one is firmly in your grasp. Otherwise, the vine you end up with your hand around may be your own.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Josh: What's there to consider?

Like you said josh...you have to look out for number one...and number one is looked after much better with two. :)

No really...seriously,, I've been there and it wasn't fun...well the sex was fun but the love thingy was messy...listen to the Captain, he knows where it all leads to.

Ciao sweetie. Oh and I can't wait for the next post. Hurry please.

fingers said...

OMFG, I'm ROFLMFAO at you, DB and LTL's adventures.
It's like reading Nick Hornby by SMS...

phishez said...

I love Smack's comment! So true!!!

knifepainter said...

sticky situation Josh, good luck with T !

Josh said...

Weeh Ah, but that is the trick...the rest is on it's way soon. Chapters 3, 4 & 5 have been busy unfolding.

Fanny F Shhhhh. Don't remind the natives that there is unfinished business on this blog.

Unique_Stephen She wants to shag, not be the third wife. Will pass on your message for you though.

Captain Smack Wise words indeed but knowing I have my own vine as a back up plan makes me happy to take the risk.

Spiky Yep, love is for monkeys....ah bugger. That would be me then. Oh well.

Fingers Wait until I start putting together my top five song lists to go with each instalment as per High Fidelity.

Phish What would he know? He's been in a coma for a year...

Knife Painter I will take all the luck I can get right now.

Ms Smack said...

You've got to be jokin', right?

Your back up plan is your own vine? That's a given, mate.

I agree with Smack.

But, be mindful that sooner or later, the LTL is going to ask you when was the last time you were WITH someone. We do that. I don't know why, but we do.

Be prepared to tell her the truth cos we have built in radar to see if you're lying!

If you can happily say 'er, last week before we ordered that pasta and decided to go steady' then great.

If not, end it.

BUT BUT BUT what if LTL fucks you around and you lose good sex from this chickie?

oh, the dilemma.

I'll keep your bed warm while you decide :)