Dec 25, 2008

The fat man is dead to me.

That is is. Christmas is over for me.

Every year I have been good, I have bowed to the commercial pressure of Christmas and prayed to the fat man in a red suit for a Playstation 3.

I look under my tree today - the first xmas tree I have rigged in years by the way - and still it is not there.

Boxing day sales, here I come. If you want something good, it seems you have to buy it yourself!

Merry Christmas folks.


phishez said...

That kind of explains my theory of masturbation.

If you want something bad enough, you've just gotta do/get it yourself!

Merry Christmas Josh!

wee-h said...

you should be in the uk, we give away play station 3s with mobile phones, at least this damn country is good for something. As for getting what you want, i agree with phishez, get it yourself. Its usually better after all. Happy christmas honey, may 2009 be the best dancing year yet (and you find your dancing partner phanar phanar!) kx

Josh said...

Phishez Yep agree totally and after the day I just had, I plan on looking after myself and myself only for a while longer yet.

Wee-h The good news is that my dance partner is the one reliable thing in my life.

If only I could find a telco that would give me an iPhone and a PS3, life would be grand.

Kitty said...

merry christmas babe! xx

the projectivist said...

oh sorry about the lack of good stuff under your tree, Josh. You probably forgot to leave biscuits, or worse - you left Tim Tams, which even Santa hates.

Everything comes at a cost nowadays!

Did you see those crazies outside David Jones at 3am? Obviously i only saw them on television, not in person. There are no shoes or 100% cotton sheets worth braving that mad dash past bemused security guards that would get me down there on Boxing Day. No way, no how.

fingers said...

Oh what a bummer...looks like Satan left your P3 under my tree by mistake...

Jones. Bridget Jones. said...

Your blog sounds like it could be entertaining. Let's see... ;)

Happy New Year!

Ms Smack said...

Merry Christmas mate. Hope you had a good one. 2009 should be fun, eh?

unique_stephen said...

Perhaps you had to give his sack a better rummage?

Josh said...

Kitty Merry xmas to you to babe.

the projectivist Yep, no lining up at city stores for me.

As for Tim Tams, I am more of a mint slice kind of guy.

Fingers Between Santa and the postman all the good stuff (including tranny porn) ends up at your place.

Bridget I know I am sitting on the edge of my keyboard waiting to find out too. Welcome.

Ms Smack Here's hoping. Have a good one.

Unique_Stephen It lives! I will leave the sack rummaging to you mate.

Ms Smack said...

Phish, I agree with you about masturbation, but I'm sick of beating my own clit like it owes me money.

I want some different fingers there, and I don't mean our blogging fiend, Fingers.