Apr 10, 2008

What pisses me off.

OK, time for a mini rant.

First of all if you really want to easily offend, upset or risk someone looking everywhere else to buy stuff rather than deal with you then do the following;

Today a rep turned up at my office to press the flesh, make sure we were happy with the service, show us some new products blah, blah, blah.

I realise that this is what they do but seriously, he had nothing new product wise to show, no nice pens or calendars for me and basically wasted a good fifteen minutes of my long, long day to say stuff all.

Just when I thought it could get no worse and just as he is finally leaving he kicks in with the kids question.

"So when are you going to get serious and have some kids? Surprised your parents are'nt onto you by now for that grandchild!" he grinned. "No sooner did I get the first one out, than my folks were asking for the second..."

I was stunned. How fucking presumptuous. Now maybe I was having a bad day, but to me and to a whole lot of other folks, these sort of comments can cut deep.

I also loved the way his shoulders went back and the chest puffed up that little bit when he said "No sooner did I get the first one out.." like he actually gave birth to it. Twat.

It takes a fair bit to rattle me, but I closed the door to my office after showing it to him with a forced smile and damn near punched the wall I was that pissed off.

Seriously, if someone does not have kids and has not raised the subject personally, show some tact and presume that they either have chosen not to or worst still, can't. Either way it is none of your fucking business!

There is enough shit at work without strangers reminding you of the top item on your to-do list that you have not been able to recruit the right staff for. My boys are swimming, the dude all works and I will have kids one day but until then, next subject.

Secondly, how do the police force expect respect when they carry on like this;

I have a short trip to work. When I am feeling excited or awake I even ride a bike. The section of road I have to travel is frequented by police eager to bust people for speeding and as such, at least in this area, I don't.

Now I don't think it is unreasonable that cops, unless on the way to save a life, obey the speed limit. Speeding to go find someone speeding is not in my opinion necessary, safe or how the game should be played.

In the past week though, I have seen highway patrol cars tailgating, doing illegal U turns and weaving in and out of traffic so they could get their shitty little radar gun onto some dude doing 5km/h over the limit. The irony being that the cops were doing a good 20km/h more than the guy they were busting.

I had one cop filling my mirrors as I sat in the left lane, cruise control pegged on 60. The right lane was clear but oh no, he crept up to my bumper then slid back before creeping up again and then backing off.

This went on for a good couple of kilometres before he pulled out around me, zoomed off at about 100km/h in the 60 zone and over the horizon on some urgent mission.

You know what he was in a hurry for? Yep, he was waiting just over the crest of a hill, checking my speed as I slid on by, still on cruise control and at the speed limit. Twat.

Now, that really wound me up. They wonder why people don't respect them when they do shit like that.

So that is it, other than the fact it is 2am, I have to get out of bed for work in about 4 hours and no amount of redtube.com is going get me to sleep, life is good.


Bo Bo said...

You just bought up two of my pet hates.
Now stop pulling on your temple and get some sleep ya cranky bastard.

Kitty said...

joshie they tailgate in order to get you to speed so that they can issue the ticket.


as for breeding, have mine. they are clean, healthy and functional boys - and they both have red hairs like you!!

Em said...

Yep that's a pretty rude question. Some people don't know any better, I guess. Now, get some sleep!

Julie said...

During my first marriage we got The Question constantly. I specifically did not want kids at that time, and yes, it was totally presumptuous. Kudos to you for not punching him in the face.

Josh said...

Bo Bo
Funny you say that. Once I left the temple alone, sleep was easy. Whoda thunk it?

Cool, instant sprogs. All the expensive bits with none of the sex.

Geeze alright already! I am going to bed ok? Well as soon as I find some one to tuck me in that is...

I am not a violent person so it was easy to resist.

Dagny said...

Well, first. You know what I think about that assfuck cocksucker that made that comment to you. And what I would do to his balls if I could put them in a vice. jebus. Sorry you men have to go through that shit too, I thought it was just us chicks.

And the good old popo's, obeying the law like they should...*snort*

fingers said...

You have cruise control on your bicycle to stop you going over 60 kph ??
Tour de France starts next month...

Madam Z said...

There are so many things that piss me off, that if I tried to list them, my fingers would fall off!

You have saved me from having to detail two of them though. Thanks!