Feb 11, 2008

Woe is me.

I feel happy. I feel sore. I feel tired.

Saturday was an annual fancy dress party at a good friends place. They have the sort of parties that everyone looks forward to. Great music, always themed and well attended. They have a survivors book that you only get to sign if you survive until sunrise.

Need I explain further why I am tired?

This party was a uniform party. We had all the French maids, naughty police officers and nasty nurses you could poke your stick at.

They also had a proper pole dancing pole - with elevated base and rotating pole. By the morning it had been witness to some spectacular gymnastics along with some not so sexy stuff from the lads, me included.

I honestly think that if you are having a party, a pole is a must have. It makes for a great sideshow and brings out the be(a)st in the ladies.

The other great ingredient is a heated pool. At about 2am it was time to get swimming with the obligatory bomb off the first story balcony into a pool populated with half naked women folk - just fantastic.

A very polite and mandatory visit from the local coppers at about 3am had the volume turned down but did not prevent the hard core few going to the blissful end.

After a quick trip home for a few hours sleep and a change back into real clothes it was time to hit the water for an afternoon on the kite board. It was only a few hours but I learnt a new trick, got to show off in front of my lady lover and now feel like I have done about 1000 crunches. Damn it is is good workout.

That is where the sore bit comes from.

And happy? well in a few weeks I am off again on an adventure to Africa. A wonderful week in the Masai Mara, with some luck away from all the trouble and political violence. The down side is I am travelling alone but timing and the risk of travelling in Kenya did not really make it viable to take a partner this time around.

Technically it is work and it will be hard work at that. I can however tell you from past experience, one face to face with a pride of lions and you forget the 14 hour days you are putting in and relish in the fact that you are getting paid to work in an area that most people consider the trip of a life time.

Life is good.


miss N said...

you just officially became my new crush.. if that's ok with you? xN

Em said...

An adventure in Africa!? Wow. . .very cool. . .

And that sounds like an amazing party!

Josh said...

Miss N
You nasty tease! I think I could live with the pressure though...

Yep, I love Africa. I will try and post some pictures from my last trip some time.

unique_stephen said...

So back in November you were in Japan, now your heading off (back) to Africa, separated only by a few afternoon yacht races, oh and the Sydney to Hobart, lazy days kite surfing and all-night dance 'n debauchery parties.

FFS, talk about being a playboy, jealous much.

Well I'll have you know it's not all one sided mate. I to am sore after the weekend, yeah, so there.
-- says Steve rubbing his shoulder after three hours of whipper-snippering lantana --

Bo Bo said...

Please tell me you got the naughty police officers to answer the door to the real police officers?

What kind of work takes you to Africa?

Josh said...

Unique Stephen
It sucks being me right now.

Bo Bo
We would have sent the naughty officers but they were all semi naked in the pool at the time...

As for what work - I could tell you but then this blog would not be so anonymous would it?

unique_stephen said...

bo bo, I reckon he's a vet, off to inseminate wilder beast

fingers said...

By the sound of it he's off to film a new Hahn Premium Light commercial.

Josh said...

Unique Stephen
Be nice, I find the Gazelle are more to my liking.

Yeah, we are going to bounce a model off a bean bag into the waiting jaws of a Nile Croc just to amp it up a bit.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey, stop by and pick me up on your way to safari, would you? My life has become rather dull and boring. A pride of lions should spice things up a bit. ;)

Steph said...

Now THAT'S a cool partay!