Feb 19, 2008

It hurts so good.

My feet are bound tight in my Bloch jazz trainers, a bead of sweat is swelling on my brow while another two chase each other down the small of my back.

Head thrown back, the water feels like it is being injected into my veins as soon as it hits the back of my dry throat; a cool wave of hydration that rolls and crashes over my body from under the skin.

I don't think I have drunk so much and pissed so little in my life.

Bringing my eyes back to level I smirk to myself noticing that my foot is still tapping in time with the music despite the ache in my joints and the thigh that threatens to cramp.

As the music builds to the end of the phrase I scan the floor for the best couple to see how they will work the hit - always looking, always hungry for more style and ideas. I count down the beats in my head and cock my head as the guy leads the dip early then snaps his partner back up right on the hit. Her hair flys forward and her head rests on his shoulder. Classy.

As the song fades out I see a pair of hands point towards me and roll outwards, palms facing the ceiling. Her smile in concert with the hands draws me onto the floor.

I don't know her name but she is smooth as silk. I need smooth right now and the song that starts is just right for my mood as well.

Better Than EzraJuicy

The first few moves are like sampling a fine wine. There is cascade of sensations that are intoxicating. A splash of enthusiasm mixed with fear of the unknown. The scent of magic yet to be unleashed.

We roll around each other, gently guiding and exploring how the other reacts to the music and our signals. I keep it subtle but firm and it is working well. The smallest pressure and body lead sends her where I want her to go. We are connected in dance and lock smiling eyes.

The pain fades. The aches are forgotten and there is only the two of us moving as one with chests expanded and shoulders back. We are in a ball of colour and the world is grey around us.

Two songs later and we are done for. The weekend has caught up with us and the last schooner of water has been boiled out of my muscles already - it is time for more.

We leave the floor hand in hand like life long lovers and with a gentle squeeze say our thanks for sharing that moment in time. It has meant everything and nothing all at once.

As out fingers part I am dragged back into the present. The pending cramp is back and demanding my attention. My body screams abuse at me and I feel the first mouthful of water evaporate on my tongue in a puff of steam.

Friday seems like a week ago. Counting on my fingers I realise that in the past 42 hours I have been on the dance floor in one form or another for about 28 hours.

I have done kicks, tricks, threesomes and competition styling workshops. I have had an hour of yoga and Tai Chi which hurt as much as anything else but I am sure was the only thing that got me though the two hours of lifts and aerials. Now it is time to stop. My body has quit and wants to go home.

Another pair of hands beckons and I follow my legs onto the dance floor before I even know what is happening.

I smile warmly to a new stranger with soft hands and the most incredible triple spins.....


Bo Bo said...

So that must be the script for the new Hahn Premium Light commercial. Wow they must be targeting a different audience this time round.

Josh said...

Yeah, their market research showed that hard core dance tragics preferred their beer to be close to water in consistency and alcohol content.

Hahn Light fit the bill perfectly!

phishez_rule said...

It so is like that. No matter how painful, I can always do a cha. I might not be able to walk, but the moment the music starts I'm begging to be taken.

And my movements are beautiful, the footwork neat, I ooze sex appeal for three minutes.

Then I can't walk again.

Em said...

Wow! This post makes me want to dance.

Madam Z said...

Oh Josh! Thank you for reminding me of how exquisite it was to dance until I could dance no more, and then to keep on dancing. If only my ankle were not FUBAR, I would take to the floor again.

Ms Smack said...

I was recently waltzed around the dancefloor by not only my partnering groomsman, but a lovely chap later in the night.

I didn't know how to dance until you're in the hands of a professional and your feet just move the right way.

Steph said...

Ahhh you make me wanna dance!! Beautiful post Josh.

Josh said...

So are you back dancing again yet??

Give it a go but be warned, it is addictive and it is for life.

Madam Z
Sorry to hear about your ankle, I know how much you like your dancing.

Miss Smack
I love it when I get a beginner with enough trust. The look of joy when you run them around the floor properly for the first time - You know they are hooked.

Well let's dance...after you get your third disaster out of the way that is. I would hate to be stilettoed or worse!

fingers said...

You can join BoBo at Man School this weekend, Blouse...

Josh said...

It's ok, I took "Be a man 101" when I first started dancing.

I was getting inundated with ladies who wanted me to fix their sink after a few dances and I figured I should know how to service them properly.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You make me want to dance...;)

And I just bet you service the ladies properly. ;)

fingers said...

So you're a tap dancer...