Jun 21, 2009

Digital monkey

I am the first to admit that I am a geek and early adopter of technology. I would however say that I tend to watch, wait and research a product until I know it will do what i need and in a fashion that meets my expectations.

This post for example is being written on my new phone, the HTC Magic while I sit at the airport ready for another jaunt to Europe.

Some have dubbed it the iPhone killer, for me it was more that it was an open architecture operating system and not locked down like the Apple offering.

You see I am all about choice. Having the option to to do as I please is everything and the older I get the more important that seems to be.

Clever things along with clever people make me happy and as such I tend to seek them out.

Choice however seems to be expensive. Yet another relationship has crashed and burned because I can't slowdown. It is a bit harsh to say she could not keep up so I will keep that thought to myself for now....

Anyhow, life is full and my flight is being called. I am on the lookout again for female fun so we will see what Europe has on offer...


unique_stephen said...

I'll be following up with you on the new phone in several months when mine comes up for replacement.
I've no complaints about the N6110 navigator for now other than it could be better integrated - copy paste between apps for example. But that is more to do with the software than the platform.
Have phun, and don't bring anything home that can't be cured by penicillin.

wee-h said...

Europe? where?

I'm a total digital junkie, but not an apple fan. Ill stick with my N96, only because i have to right now...

Kitty said...

my requirements for a phone:

it needs to ring and be answerable and then i need to be able to hear the other person, and of course, hang up when i am finished.

the end.

enjoy all the european pussy baby! i so kermit right now!!! xxx

Josh said...

Unique_Stephen Will give you an update once I have really worked it over. I have to say I am impressed so far though. The phone is good too :)

Wee-h Sadly I am a little further east than you - in the Netherlands. If I was here longer or in the UK, I would have looked you up for a beer or three whether you wanted me to or not.

Kitty I had that same requirement of a phone too but I have to admit that I am loving this little gadget and whatit can do.

As for the European ladies, all I can say is damn it...why do I have to go home so soon????

wee-h said...

Bugger! Let me know if you get any closer next time. Its such a short 45 minute flight from Amsterdam!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie...The Beach Boys sang 'I wish they they all could be California girls.' Um, lucky me, I'm a California girl. Next time fly the other direction.

And find out why. *wink*

Good hunting in Europe mister.
Ciao Honey.

Josh said...

Wee-H ....I am checking out Easy Jet right now to see what I can do :)

Spiky Have not been to the states in too long so you never know your luck...knowing mine you will be in Australia when I hit Long Beach.

Ms Smack said...

Safe travels!

I'm scared to travel these days. I'd surely book an a330, or get drugs planted on me or something.


fingers said...

I wish one of the phone companies would make a retro model in the style of an old bakelite phone.
Just the handpiece...stuffed with all the modern applications.
Imagine how cool it'd be to slap that fucker down on the table at lunch and wait for people to ask WTF...