Feb 5, 2009

An interruption to regular programming

It is that time of year. The heat wave that ravaged South Australia and Victoria is creeping up towards Sydney and it is making life a challenge.

In the middle of all the heat I am trying to rehearse three dance routines and learn a whole heap of West Coast Swing from a couple of amazing dancers from California.

To say things are a little insane right now is an understatement.

I have danced every single night in two or more weeks and have probably averaged about three hours sleep on each.

The legs are weary and I have had to punch a new hole in my belt buckle to keep my shorts on.

Dealing with romance is not a priority right now although that is not to say that the mischief is not continuing in spades. I just don't have time to write it all up.

Currently I am keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday night. Not only do I have the final of a competition to dance in but two other performances to do.

All of that with the following list of lady friends in the audience; one fuck buddy, two ex-lovers, two girls I am considering dating, a third I would sleep with in a heart beat but know would be a disaster to date.

Mean while all my attention will be on my hot little dance partner for most of the night then I am taking another girl back to my place so she can sleep in the spare room as we are just mates...honest!

Wish me luck and expect a good volume of blog fodder and confusion for all concerned.


unique_stephen said...


Fanny F said...

Why don't you get the 2 ex-lovers to sit behind the 2 potential dates during your performance? They could expound on your "other" talents within earshot, while the potentials are admiring your dancing prowess. You'll be in like Flynn, Tiger.

Josh said...

Unique Stephen Cross my heart and hope to fly.

Fanny F I obviously need ex-lovers as creative and caring as you are. What are you doing on Saturday night?

unique_stephen said...

Do let me know if you want to share.

unique_stephen said...

oh - and you may want to visit the web page of the Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU) to assist you with first aid should the cometary get too piousness.

Fanny F said...

Sorry, Josh, I have to wash my hair. But I can write a written reference based on what I've read on your blog, Mr. Smooth.

phishez said...

Blogfodder much?