Nov 17, 2008


So this is post number 69. I was thinking of telling some tale of sexy curves, erotic fantasies, leather, rubber and natural highs that drugs can't beat.

Instead I will just show you a picture of my new bike I picked up on the weekend.

If it goes quiet for a while here it is because I am off riding and having big boys toy kinda fun.

If it goes really quiet for a long time, you know I have left a greasy stain on a road somewhere.

Rest assured, if the latter happens, I had a smile on my dial right up until it was obvious it was going wrong :)

Nov 13, 2008

A word of advice to the jilted

Use me for sex.

Use me for entertainment.

Use me for the conversation.

Use me for the dance.

Hell, use me to cook you dinner or take you to a movie. I don't care.

I am all about the experience and if I don't want to do it I wont play along unless I really like you.

That said, don't waste your time trying to get back at an ex by parading me around as your new, better than the last dude, piece of fluff.

I don't care but it is waste of energy.

Girls, when you get dumped by a guy there is a little secret that you need to know.

He does not give a shit who you are fucking next. He dumped you.

He will be happy to see you fucking anyone because it means you are not fucking him.

If you make a scene of being seen in front of him and he turns to his mates in deep conversation do you want to know what he is saying?

"Poor sod, I give him three weeks before he realises......."

He will be happy you have moved on and will pity the guy that got you next.

He will not be jealous.

He will not be hurt.

He will be happy that it is me, not him standing in your arms.

As for me, I will be thinking "This is not cool, this is out of whack....think I need to put the brakes on this real soon..."

"Caio bella. It was fun for a few nights but I don't need this shit."

At least you know what I will be thinking when you do the show for me with my replacement :)