Aug 24, 2008


Some would say it is necessary to be humble in victory.

I think those are the same people who never win.

Early last week my dance partner and I decided to enter a competition. We had to choose a song, choreograph some sort of routine to it and commit it to memory before what is now last night. I think we put in less than 8 hours work total.

We are far from pro's at this and certainly have never worked on a showcase type performance before. Our opposition started preparing two months ago.

A final rehearsal this afternoon before the event had the butterflies in a frenzy as we crashed run through after run through. Forgetting moves, muffing the exits of others and basically feeling like we had made a very bad mistake entering. We were so fucked.

Our shared dinner was pushed around the plate and mostly left untouched, much to the amusement of friends who were trying to reassure us we would do fine.

They had not seen what we were going to do.

Our turn to perform came around too soon. The lights felt like a solarium but floor was clear and ours to play on.

We were off and on auto pilot. Two moves in and a weight came off my shoulders. We could do this. We own this floor.

And we did.

We won.

It is now 2:30 am and that was nearly five hours ago. I am still pumped.

My dance partner is curled up in bed with her boyfriend and just messaged me.

"Hey Champ. Hot like wasabi baby! Thanks, you rock!!!"

Can't wipe the smile of my dial right now.


Em said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

unique_stephen said...

Lets hope you have better luck finding chicks wo BFs in future

Gongrads mate. Awesome effort

Em said...

What exactly is that picture of anyway?

( . )( . ) said...

Oh wow thats awesome. Must have been an amazing feeling!!

Anonymous said...

It's Wasabi.

Em said...

hahaha.. thanks jen. I finally did figure that out... they're hot like wasabi. Ding-Ding light bulb! Wasabi makes a lot more sense than it being a bowl of green ice cream.

I have no excuse.

Dagny said...


fingers said...

A lot of male dancers make excellent platform divers apparently...

Josh said...

Em Thanks

Stephen Nah, Dance partners are like babies - great being able to hand them back once you have had a play.

(.)(.) It was. Something about killing a couples 6 weeks of choreography with a few hours work made me smile.

Dagny Thanks too.

Fingers I will keep that in mind next time I feel the need to jump into a pool.

Kali said...

Well done! Very awesome.

Madam Z said...

Oh, how I wish I could have seen your performance! I am wasabi-green with envy of your dance partner.

I understand what you mean by not wanting to be romantically involved with your dance partners. If you're too familiar with your partner, you can get into petty squabbles over false moves, etc. But when you're together just for the dancing, you can be totally focused and professional about it.

phishez said...

That explains the picture. I thought it was avocado when I first saw it.

So, do you burn the hairs out of a girls nose?

Keshi said...

Congrattttz Josh!

Hot like Wasabi..I like that :)


Em said...

I'm happy to know I wasn't alone Phishez.