Dec 6, 2007

Get your freak on

Anti-social freak
A mate was telling me about how he and his wife play scrabble on the Internet via fartbook. He may be in his office and she might be down stairs watching TV or making dinner. They will call to each other to hurry up or that it is their move. Sometimes they will take turns from the same laptop and will log out, pass the laptop over to the other person, login and play a move, log out....Please Shoot me if I ever do that.

Seriously, I am going to buy them the real thing for Christmas even if I have to steal it from Steph's hands!

Dance Freak
I had the pleasure of a three hour workshop with one of the worlds best west coast swing couples and they were fucking amazing. The guy was smooth as silk and the girl was like Britney when she was young and hot. It was some of the coolest dancing I have seen up close and has given me a target. I will be that good one day...

Along the same lines, I also had my first man dance that night. Sounds a little gehy I know but it was really cool and the ladies seem to really dig a couple of metro-sexual guys swinging each other around the dance floor. I got to play the boy because to be frank, I make a super fugly girl and I have no idea how to follow a lead. I am keen to learn though because it will help improve my dancing.

Still on the whole dancing thing, I also got asked by one of the teachers if I was interested in helping out with some classes as a demo dolly. This is cool for a few reasons,

1) I get to be on stage and show off my groove thang with a hot teacher. Not that I am a fame whore but I am a fame whore and it will be fun!

2) I am a late bloomer when it comes to dancing so it is recognition that I am actually getting to a good standard. I also love to teach stuff so it is a step in that direction where I can see myself going if I ever get good enough.

3) Can we all scream "free dance classes as staff!" Woooo F'n Hooo! This should probably be at number 1 because it will save me a small fortune but I am a fame whore and finding money is easier to achieve..

Adventure freak
More adventures are also afoot. At the risk of narrowing the field for you stalkers out there. I am doing that big yacht race that starts on boxing day in the town with a coat hanger and with some luck will end in a drunken mess on the shores of Hobart town.

As such I am in the middle of bits of running around in preparation as well as our final days of race training over the coming weekend.

Some smart arse once said that to train for a yacht race you just stand in a cold shower and poke $100 notes down the drain. I have to agree but because we have a few sponsors, it is mostly someone else's cash we are burning. Yipee!

I am getting really excited because this is it for ocean racing, many sailors dream of doing this race and never get the chance. 628 Nautical miles of generally bad weather, broken boats and hard racing. It is known as one of the toughest races in the world because of the high winds and steep swells in Bass Strait and the Tasman that pound the yachts on the trip south.

Blog freak
A fellow blogger, Phish, has been interrupted by some stalker so she is going private with her blog. Don't forget to send her an email to get the keys to her chastity blog. She is always good for a laugh, a cry and a spank of the monkey when she is writing smut.

Another blog thing - the ever sexy Steph and her Supertards awarded me 2nd place for saying something clever about a mate of hers in a banana suit. Here I was taking the piss about her beloved KRudd and I get a podium finish.

Kyoto freak
KRudd is off and running. Our new Pm has done the one thing the Australian public has been cringing about for years. He signed the Kyoto Protocol, leaving the USA as the only major first world country with it's head up it's bum about the reality of climate change.

Don't get me wrong, I am not in love with this guy and his party. I still suspect that for all the social change and love that people are dancing about, those same people will be crying when the wheels fall of out economy. He strikes me as a dangerous little git that i just don't trust.

The good news is that I am not so one eyed when it comes to politics to actually care what badge you are wearing. If I am proven wrong and the new guy does a good job then I will be more than happy with the result. Schools for our kids, hospitals for the sickos, our troops at home and out of harms way, economic and environmental responsibility. That is all I ask.

Your freak
So what are you folks up to in the festive season? Anyone got a cool holiday planned? Going somewhere exotic? Sitting at home playing scrabble on the net rather than talking to the person next to you? Let me know your plans so I can come and crash your party!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...
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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Let's try this one more time, shall we??? Duh.

"I am doing that big yacht race that starts on boxing day in the town with a coat hanger and with some luck will end in a drunken mess on the shores of Hobart town."

Dammit. If I lived closer, I'd be a drunken mess on the shores of Hobart Town waiting for you to come party with me! ;)

unique_stephen said...

Anti: social - shocking, I could not imagine spending more time talking to your best mate blog to blog, wall to wall and mobile to mobile than in real life.

Dance: so - does your elevation to fame whore status mean your going to get some of the dance girlies home and actually defile them or are you going to keep being a gentleman about it and stopping at first base? For god sake man, we demand blog fodder here, we can watch Britteny and Madonna kissing on youtube any time. Just a thought - this is totally going to rain on your X's parade.

Given the number of lives lost at sea on that race - one of the most dangerous in the world - I will be crossing my fingers and pinky toes that your perverted little sole makes it across the finish line all safe and warm and drunk.

Phish - us and her in a private space, he he , can't wait.

Steph - you so want to give her a bone of your own.

Politics - I'm a rabid socialist green, I so should support the Rabitohs. Don't fret, We can always vote him out again if he fucks it up.

Xmas = beach and holiday at the ski lodge


That's why I have an IP blocker.
Good luck with your boat race. You really are a G.I Joe- Action-Man, aren't you? :)

em said...

That scrabble thing is exactly the kind of thing my husband and I would do. I think looking at the computer is sometimes more comfortable than looking at each other. Sad, but true.

phishez_rule said...

I'm so addicted to that scrabble thing, its not even funny.

Yeah, boo-fucking-hoo to that stupid phish wench...

Wait a minute...

That's me!

Josh said...

Great to see you back here! I will neck a rum in your honour and save the party for another time.

Unique Stephen
Sad isn't it. Face to face time seems to getting harder to find..

As for dance = poon. Sorry dude. Trying to keep life simple. There are enough creeps working the dance floors without getting that name tag.

Sailing - don't worry your pretty head. I will always come home until I don't..

Have fun at the lodge. (Crashing swiftly past the other comment about the lovely ladies...)

Action man wannabe maybe but G.I. Joe I am not. We are not allowed to carry guns over here.

Suddenly it is clear to me why I am not married. I hope the reality is happier than that makes it sound to me..

Boo fucking hoo indeed. Triple word score! Your move biatch.

phishez_rule said...

Nice way to tie in all themes there. You would be best to take all the triple word scores after the way I slaughtered you in the last match.