Nov 10, 2007

Go the toe.

There is nothing sexier than a pair of pants with something to say.

I am not sure if it was an early exposure to a Jane Fonda aerobics video or just growing up in the 80's where lycra and leg warmers were the go but I have been warped into an appreciation of the mumble pants and that much maligned camel toe.

For years, guys who were growers rather than showers have been resorting to the old sock in the jocks. Even most girls seem to have tried the chicken fillets to increase the boobage at some point but advertising the clam has until now been purely the pleasure of fashion victims and dependant on the ability of their snatch to gobble the cloth.

Until now.

I found this little ad that should bring a blush to any camel toe loving guy or gal.

I think I will apply to be a distributor. What do you think? Will it sell?

I think it is time to head on down to Jacksons on George to get myself a Cougar with a Cougar.


phishez_rule said...

Can you imagine the 'cougar' in high waisted skinny jeans?

Pussy. The meal that comes in a box.

Madam Z said...

Does "the cougar" come with a shot of novacaine? It looks painful.

Kitty said...

hahahahaha! good old jacko's on george! loving it.

memories of slippery nipples and yank tourists...



So a camel toe is a good thing? I think they look disgusting.

Josh said...

Sorry but I really don't need that picture in my head.

As for the meal in a box - Can I get home delivery for that?

Madam Z
Will the novacaine help my damaged eyes?

I can do a killer yank accent and I thought I had met your slippery nipples is all coming back to me now.

Seems my dry sense of humor has missed the mark. Of course it is fugly!

knifepainter said...


~Miss Smack said...

Fuckin' hell, they're revolting. I'd love to see a chick wearing one though, as a joke and strutting down a busy street!

Imagine everyone looking and laughing... but hell, she'd need to be a ballsy chick!