Aug 18, 2009

The mark of a woman.

I can't remember the last time I got a hickey.

That ugly red bruise, like you have been hit in the neck with a high velocity squash ball.

A mark that screams teenage passion, territorial marking and mischief most recent.

Actually I can remember the last was fucking yesterday.

In a moment of mock rage I suggested she just cock a leg and piss on me if she wanted to mark me...there was a pause as she considered it. A long enough pause that I regretted the suggestion.

Kite surfing, yacht racing and swimming are my only waters ports .

She knows I am a player and this is the price I have to pay. A mark to warn others off I suppose.

Talk about not playing fair.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

yeah...mother would get so angry with me when I had one.

And the other kids in school looked at me like I had just had sex with my football player 6ft 4inch tall boyfriend. just have to show her where you want to be sucked. hehehe.

I don't mind them...if they are properly given, no hurting and in places that can't be seen. Woo!

late honey.

unique_stephen said...

ahhhh.... sucker.....

not so adverse to water sports myself, but then I'm a kinky bitch like that.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hahaha...steven, rocks my panties off...he's so fun.

I want him. :)

Josh said...

Spiky Never knew you wore panties so that is one interesting bit of info.

They can be fun but like you said, out of sight is better.

Unique_Stephen Never needed to know about you and water sports. Nuf said!