Jan 31, 2008

Absence makes the hits go yonder..

Sorry folks, I am officially a slack bastard. While visiting you all and even slipping in the odd comment here and there, I have sadly forgotten to update my own blog with the promised sequel to the last adventure.

I have however finally replied to the comments on the last post so apologies for ignoring you all.

It is on it's way but I just have not had time to give it the attention it deserves.

Part of the problem is that summer is here in full swing in good old Sydney town. Summer never arrives until just before school goes back and generally right when work is getting that whole frantic, start of the year atmosphere.

Summer also means more Kite surfing and yacht racing (Yipee!!!) and less time in the glow of this here monitor. That is just the way it is ok.

As I type I have just come home from a great little twilight race. The day was a stinker at over 34 degrees Celsius but with a cool change and thunderstorms forecast to cool it all down about mid race.

We had a bunch of guests (read sponsors) on for the race. As the black clouds rolled over the city and harbour and the fat drops of rain started to hit the deck, they ran for cover to the comfy confines of the cabin.

Except one.

She got it. She was not there just to swig the champagne and be taken on a joy ride. She was interested in the race, her face was lit by the moment and the action as the rest of us race crew kept pushing the yacht to the finish line.

I don't know her name, I hardly had a chance to say two words to her but she obviously enjoying being out there in the heart of a storm, wet hair frizzing up and chin set against the pounding rain.

I love it when people get excited. I love enthusiastic people. It was almost as good as the race it's self just knowing how much fun she had on this wild and wet evening.

The other suits missed out. You know they will be telling tales of their big race and the "perfect storm" and just slipping past the bit about sitting it out on the leather seats below deck.

Comment of the afternoon; "Have we won yet?...let me know if it stops raining ok?"

Twat. Even the mystery girl rolled her eyes at that one.


Em said...

I really enjoy enthusiastic people that aren't afraid to get their hair wet too. Definitely the right attitude.

Bo Bo said...

A sport with style.... nice

What type of yacht do you race?

miss N said...

ooooh rub it in!!! but yay I'll be in sydney this weekend for frolics Rain or Shine!

phishez_rule said...

I got caught in that storm when it came through. It was so unexpected, I was walking home in a white shirt!!!

Steph said...

It's Sydney apathy.

Kitty said...

i have been missing you and your posts joshie x

Josh said...

Yep, anything else is a turn off.

Bo Bo
A big one...

Miss N
I read that but despite looking for you in every bar and club I failed to find you :(

Now I am sure that made some ones day!

I know and it is totally lame!

Sorry babe, I am getting back into it. I guess you could say I have been off researching for blog fodder.

knifepainter said...

Sounds like I might enjoy your Summer.